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Hoosier Burn Camp - 2016 Golf Outing

This week I am on the Hoosier Burn Camp hunt to find more volunteers, Golfers and sponsors for the August 8 Golf Outing at Lakes of the Four Seasons. Though, I am excited and anticipate positive things, I always think will everything be great for the golfers and will all of the volunteers want to be enticed to come back next year. Ultimately, I am grateful.


I want to share a story with you. I went to a local business and wanted to ask for an individual’s support, but he was in a meeting. So, I thought: I remember when he was a key person that was instrumental in helping start New Song Church get started about 10 years ago. So, I thought, I am going to New Song Church on Sunday. I went to the church and the Pastor Kurt Nichols was not preaching that day, but Bob Coolman was preaching. I thought, how ironic since I had not been there in such a long time. Pastor Bob Coolman’s wife sat next to us. I thought this to be God wanting us to be there. Hoosier Burn Camp brought us there. Bobs message was: As we individuals are to be inspired to look around and see the opportunities to help those who need help. Bob and Sandy Coolman’s mission is to help those in Africa in a place called Sierra Leone (Also known as Sleeping Lion). With Hoosier Burn Camp, our job is to help Children from 8 to 18 who have suffered pain and trauma of being injured and/or disfigured from a fire.

This cause helps kids with self esteem and gives them the mental tools to age gracefully into adulthood whereas many of us do not have that cross to bear.


When we went to church today at New Song, I looked around and thought how grateful I was for the children that were there unaffected by the trauma fire can cause. It was joyful to see them in such an innocent state.


By the way, I never saw the individual that unknowingly promoted me to come to the church. You can bet I will still get him a Hoosier Burn Camp Trifold though. This individual was an informal leader in allowing me to share a piece of myself that I would have otherwise left in the quiet place of my mind.


So, If you want to golf or sponsor in some way please click here or email: Hooosierburncamp@Tudorservices.com

And if you want to volunteer on Aug 8: email cathie.dull@oppent.org


Thank You and I am most appreciative --- James Tudor   

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