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Who do you TRUST?

Recently, I was in Doelling Decorating Center to pick up some paint for our new house. When I was in Doellings, I saw Paula Doelling. I graduated High School with Paula. We talked for a moment about Valparaiso and all the happenings as well as business. Paula’s business phone rang and she answered the call. She answered Doellings, I waited patiently playing with the blind display. While she was on the phone she stated to the customer (Bobbie) let me see if I can find an answer to the question. She then asked me do I know anyone who resurfaces bathtubs? I said let me look in my phone. I then said yes, Blane with Art of Resurfacing at 219-256-0654. Paula told her customer (Bobbie) that James Tudor of Tudor Cleaning and Restoration was in the room and he recommended Blane with Art of Resurfacing. Then Paula said Bobbie wants to get her carpet cleaned. I said that’s wonderful. I received Bobbie’s address and phone number. When I called Bobbie, Bobbie said do you know Mary. I said of course I know Mary, she is in Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis with me and I have known her for years. (By the way, if anyone wants to be my guest at Kiwanis, just let me know. We always welcome new members). The next evening around 6 pm, I went to look at Bobbie’s house to see what carpet needed cleaning. Usually, I do not go out to people’s homes for this small of a job, but I felt it necessary to see what Bobbie was talking about in regards to whether she get her carpet cleaned or replaced. When I arrived at Bobbie’s house, we talked about who she is using for her fireplace cleaning – Octavio De La Vega with Northwest Fireplace and Chimney (219-413-2349). I can’t remember how she was referred to him, but I believe it was her landscaper. We also talked about Jeff Leverich with Leverich Painting (219-477-6782). She trusted Jeff Leverich because he graduated high school with her son. Later that week I asked my sister Pat if she graduated with one of Bobbie’s daughters and my sister said yes. Boy, it is a small world. I guess there is truth in the saying your past predicts your future performance. So, always be good to your peers! It is a tight web we have in Northwest Indiana. If people are new to our community, my wish is that they want to get to know their neighbors, we welcome people to our fine community. For the most part, we have such a kind and caring community.

If you know me well enough, you know that I can start rambling at this point about all of the love in our community. So, at this point, I will cease on that conversation.

What I want to note to you is the other side of the mirror. Bobbie is a more senior adult. She continued talking and she started to talk about a call she received last week. The call went like this:

Caller- “Hello Bobbie, this is American Cash Awards and I have a check for $55,000.00 for you and I am from United Parcel Service. Can I drop off the check tomorrow?

Bobbie- Who are you?

Caller- American Cash Awards!

Bobbie- Where are you calling from?

Caller- American Cash Awards.

Bobbie- Where is your company from?

Caller-Las Vegas

Bobbie- You bet I will be here tomorrow with the police waiting for you!

Caller- Phone hangs up.

Ironically, Bobbie had Leverich painting the outside of her house and she told them that story. Their response was you should have had him come over we would have given him a warm how do you do!

With all this being said, it just makes me so angry when I hear stories of this kind. In this day, there are people that still prey on other people. We have to be connective to protect our neighbors in our community. Of course this guy with “American Cash Awards” was a scam artist. This is just someone trying to get something for nothing at the cost of a mature woman. She responded appropriately and did not put herself in a vulnerable position. Good Job Bobbie!

On a lesser, but still challenging condition are the businesses you choose to work with. In my case, Tudor Cleaning and Restoration does a lot of different things and I think we are pretty qualified to perform good workmanship. Today, we are cleaning 100-year-old mosaic tile at a historic building on the Illinois line. Yes, this was from another local referral. (John Tilford with Restore-Tech Construction 219-477-6543) It is so frustrating when I get a call from a customer that made the wrong choice because they did not get equal service for the money they paid or the customer took a price that was too good to be true and they got the bad end of the deal. Just like Bobbie, customers have to use someone they trust. When people do not use wisdom in tandem with referral power, they put themselves in vulnerable positions!

I listed some people above for you to make a choice to use them. You will have to use your own judgment whether you do business with them, but on the other hand, the old school way of choosing a business to do work for you (Personal Referral) is still the best way to choose.

As all of the qualified service businesses in the area would agree, we want the best for you. We may not be the cheapest, but we will bring quality into your home and allow you an ability to trust professionals who care about your home or property just like it was our own.

I almost forgot to remind you to remember Tudor Cleaning and Restoration when it comes to:

Carpet Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Water Damage Mitigation

Fine Oriental Rug Cleaning (We have a 1,500 Square Foot building dedicated to oriental rugs)

Mold Mitigation

Construction Cleanup

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Trash Out Services

You can call our direct line at 219-465-6904

You can also ask for a quote at our website: Tudorservices.com

I love talking to you all. When I talk to you on these subjects, I feel honored because I would never be able to tell you all this in a conversation. I hope I have given you some subject topics that you can refer back to at some point. Just remember who you choose is much more than price. Price is a piece of it, but you should make sure you choose a company that nurtures you and your community around you.   

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