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Trail 9 Asks: Tudor Cleaning and Restoration

Trail 9, like any business, would be nothing without our clients! That's why we want to tell our readers about the first-class local businesses we've had the great privilege to work with. For this post, we visited James Tudor at Tudor Cleaning and Restoration Services. (Trail 9 redesigned and developed Tudor's current website.) Tudor Services has provided five-star cleaning and restoration for both homes and offices for the past 29 years. In addition, they offer their services throughout seven different Northwest Indiana counties! If you live in Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Starke, Newton, Jasper, or Pulaski County, call up Tudor for any of the following needs:

Professional Cleaning, Including:

Oriental/Fine Area Rug Cleaning
Epoxy Flooring
Carpet Cleaning, Odor, and Stain Removals
HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning
Hard Surface Cleaning
Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Water Extraction, Dry Outs, and Damage Repair

Mold Remediation, Inspections, and Containment

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Restoration

Odor Removal

Content Restoration

Content Storage
Pack Out and Inventory

Crime Scene Cleanup & Repair

Tudor Vent Cleaning    Tudor Rug Cleaning 

Tudor Mold Mitigation    Tudor Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Tudor Services Water Mitigation    Tudor Air Duct Cleaning


The Human Factor

Tudor Carpet Cleaning

Tudor offers many services for your home or office, both for regular maintenance and emergency situations. But, what makes Tudor different from other cleaning and restoration companies?

"In service, what we do is about the same thing. But, we care about people, and we put extra effort in the human factor. So, we treat a house as if it was our own house, or, say, our mom's house. That's how we look at it," said James. We're competitive, we're within range, and we produce a good service for what we do."

To read Tudor's shining customer reviews regarding their service quality, visit their Facebook review page at facebook.com/askjamestudor/reviews.

Helpful and Efficient

The quality of Tudor's effort and care isn't just apparent in how they treat their clients; it's clear in everything they do. Not only do they accept insurance, offer discounts for their out-of-pocket clients, and offer 24-hour emergency response service, but they also provide free pickup and drop off service for their oriental/fine area rug cleaning as well as free samples of custom epoxy flooring.

Hoosier Burn Camp

Hoosier Burn Camp Logo

Even more, for the past 13 years, Tudor Services has dedicated a large portion of its profits to Hoosier Burn Camp, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to aid young people who've suffered physical or emotional trauma associated with severe burn injury.

"One thing that gets overwritten is that a lot of times, companies do stuff for their own good. We help kids that have been burned in fires, now for 13 years. We do that because it's in our hearts, you know. So, we gave $18,000 two weeks ago to the Camps," said James. 


Hoosier Burn Camp Golf OutingThe 13th Annual Hoosier Burn Camp Golf Outing, hosted by Tudor Cleaning and Restoration, is approaching! The FUNdraising event includes driving range access, award and prize giveaways, dinner and beverage carts, and more. Proceeds will go towards helping low-income children from all over Indiana, who've been injured by fire, defray the costs of attending Hoosier Burn Camp, where they can "just be one of the kids". The outing will take place at Lakes of the Four Seasons Golf Course in Winfield Indiana on Monday, August 14th. To register on the Tudor website, click here. To view more information about the event, please scroll to the bottom of this post.


Tudor Cleaning and RestorationTudor Services, owned and operated by James Tudor, was officially founded nearly three decades ago, in 1988. Having worked for his family business, Tudor Floors, until that time, James decided it was a perfect time for beginning his own business venture, and he opened Tudor Carpet Cleaning.

For a while, the company focused solely on its only service and namesake, carpet cleaning. But, after some time, James decided to continue expanding the company's horizons. Tudor Carpet Cleaning began specializing in a multitude of services; first, it began offering water damage mitigation, then air duct cleaning, then mold mitigation, and it has continued to grow its selection of specialized services through today. Now, Tudor offers its plethora of services (listed above), for a variety of home or office situations, including regular maintenance, new additions, and emergencies.


To read more about Tudor's signature cleaning services, including carpet, furniture/upholstery, hard surface, and air duct cleaning, as well as their 24-hour emergency services, be sure to visit their website! It has a ton of valuable and detailed information about everything they do and what you can expect.

For the remainder of this post, we'll focus on Tudor's newest services that are still gaining recognition, including their fine area rug cleaning service and their custom-made epoxy flooring service.

Oriental / Fine Rug Cleaning

Most of the time, fine area rugs are enormous and heavy, even when they're rolled up— they're typically much too big to fit into a standard car for a cleaning trip, at least. But, if you call Tudor to have your rug cleaned, all you need to do is that— call. Tudor will then drive a truck to your location, pick up your stained or dirty rug, and take it back to their rug-cleaning warehouse. There, they'll inspect the rug under black lights to locate all of its problem areas. After that, they'll use high-power machines to remove all of the dust, dirt, and grime and give it a good shampoo (while still treating it delicately throughout the processes). Finally, they'll dry it on their huge in-house drying rack and then load it back in their truck and drive it back to you.

No other business in our Northwest Indiana area includes free pick up/drop off with their fine area rug cleaning services. Tudor provides the extra convenience and care along with the excellent cleaning work because that's that's who they are— they care.

Tudor Fine Rug Cleaning Warehouse   Tudor Fine Rug Cleaning Drying

Custom Epoxy Flooring

If you're interested in adding epoxy flooring to your home or office, ask Tudor first. After discussing what type of design you're looking for, they'll create large samples of what the final product may look like, for free.

"It's a man-made product, so every floor is going to turn out a bit differently. We want to make sure we press that issue because if people want an exactness, they're not going to get that. That's why we offer samples like this, so people can get a better idea," says James.

Tudor applies their epoxy flooring by first using an industrial grinding machine on the original floor's concrete so that the product has a good grip to bite into. Epoxy won't hold up with standard home-buying products, say, from Menards or Home Depot. You need industrial equipment to get a long-lasting product, and that's what Tudor uses. As you can see, the final product is glossy, swirly, and looks great!

Tudor Custom Epoxy Flooring   Tudor Custom Epoxy Flooring   James Tudor Preparing Floor for Epoxy Application

(Left and Middle Images: Examples of Tudor's Epoxy Flooring. Right-hand image: James Tudor using a grinding machine to prepare concrete for an epoxy application.)

Tudor is hiring! If you're interested in helping out with fun work and a great team, call Tudor at (219) 465-6904.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out other Trail 9 Asks posts about the first-rate local businesses we've had the privilege to work with!


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