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Social Media Messages and Old Fashion Note Cards

Today, I went to Chris Mahlmann’s Social Media Boot Camp with Valpo Life. When he asked are there any questions, my response was I think that sending a message to a lot of people is great. On the other hand everything I do is based on quality. When we refer to Social Media, the conversation is to send a message to a larger group of people. Don’t misunderstand me, in the context of what I am saying is a larger group may only equate to 20 to 40 to 120 people. In my world and in my business, I meet my customers and relational people one person at a time. I have always felt that there is such value in each person being recognized and appreciated and in turn those people do business with me as well. So, I have found a note card to be of the highest value. It seems to me that the people that are 55 years of age and up really appreciamte the fact that I go out and buy a note card. I take the time to put it in an envelope. I personally write their name on the envelope and that I put a stamp on the envelope. The 55 Plus people see value in this added caring element. On the other hand, a typical 22 year old person may not appreciate the act due to the point that they have do not have an appreciation for doing this, because they have never done it. In my office at Tudor Cleaning and Restoration, we send all of our residential cleaning customers a thank you card after the cleaning. So many times, when I have a newer younger employee, they do not even know how to fill out an envelope to properly have it mailed to the customer. I have to train them on how to do this act. Yet, so many times, my customer will say do you know why I called you this year. Then they say it is because I received a thank you card last year.


When we were at the Valpo Life Boot Camp, Alberts Jewelers were there as well. When I talked to them, they stated that social media is a part of their activities, but direct mail pieces are still very important in their business.


In business, we have to think about where to spend our money best. I can’t talk for other businesses, but I can say for Tudor Cleaning and Restoration it is still about the personal contact in the people that want to do business with me. I look for the quality customer that wants good service.

Let me know what your opinions on this note are. You can say the good and the bad. You won’t offend me. I hope you appreciate what I am saying.   

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