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The Quality of a Person Performing a Service Does Matter!

On November 6, my wife, Jo broke her ankle. I found her on the deck just crying. I took her to a Saint Mary Medical Center Extension – Valparaiso Health Center – Community Healthcare System. Of Course, I should have taken her to the emergency room, but we were helped by Dr. Carrie Shaffer (Family Medicine). Dr. Schaffer definitely stated we should have gone to the emergency room. She referred Jo to Dr. Jared Moon-Podiatrist. We drove to Portage where he was doing his doctor duties there for Saint Mary Medical Center. We were able to see him around 5 PM on Thursday night (10/6/16). He had a good disposition about himself. He seemed confident and talked a good talk – for a doctor that is. He said that he operates at Saint Mary Hospital on Fridays, so Jo’s operation was scheduled for Friday 10/14/16. As Jo sat in pain for a week and a day, I felt very badly for her. Every move she made, she was in terrible pain. Taking her up and down stairs was utterly brutal. It finally got so bad that I had to take her to my mom and dad’s so she could have a better lay out and better service. (You see my mom is the best caretaker I know). On Tuesday, October 11, Jo went to see Dr. Moon and boy did we have a lot of questions for him. Without fail he was valiant in his responses. Laying it all down in a kind and gentle way. He said if you want to go and see an Orthopedic surgeon you can because if you do not believe in what I can do, then you will always second guess yourself on the quality of the surgery. I found his candid response to be very refreshing. His honesty was also a nice touch. He explained the difference between Orthopedic Surgeons and Podiatrist’s. What I learned was that what a podiatrist was twenty years ago is not what a podiatrist is today. Finally, Friday, October 14 came and I took Jo to Saint Mary Medical Center for the operation. It was a 3 ½ hour operation. Dr. Moon had to work on the inner left ankle bone as when it originally broke, it then put stress on the fibula bone which had snapped like a twig. Dr. Moon also worked on the fibula by using wire and a plate to put in the proper position. He then had to reattach the tendons to the ankle. When he came out he explained everything to me clearly. I must note when I was waiting, the staff did a good job keeping me updated. We then met Dr. Moon on Tuesday October 8 at Valparaiso Health Center – Community Healthcare System, so he could look at the outcome of the operation. All swelling was down and healing was on it’s way. It will be a long haul on this one, but I can’t say enough about Community Healthcare system. I even went as far as to going out of my way to personally tell the CEO of Saint Mary Medical Center, Janice Ryba, of the excellent service we had with Dr. Moon-Podiatrist. She was very pleased to hear this information back.

This is performing excellent service!

How does this relate to Tudor Cleaning and Restoration?

At Tudor Cleaning and Restoration, we are not going to perform an ankle operation on you, that is for sure. You would need a Doctor like Dr. Moon to do that!

On the other hand, if you look at the service we as customers get in all industries at this point, it is kind of lack luster at times. I don’t even know if I am sure how people choose to go with certain companies anymore. But, I do know that we at Tudor Services try very hard to service our customers with excellence. What I saw in Dr. Moon was empathy mixed with at technical knowledge of the human body. He knows what will happen next. I even believe he knows how the patient will respond in a given environment. We at Tudor also have that knowledge in our business. I would say a majority of our customers are versed in making good decisions on who to work with. Like Community Health Care, as I experienced first hand, I want the customers of Tudor Services to have that same confident feeling when Tudor’s are done at their home.

Remember and call Tudor Cleaning and Restoration when it comes to:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Water damage Mitigation
  • Fine Oriental Rug cleaning (We have a 1,500 Square Foot building dedicated to oriental rugs)
  • Mold Mitigation
  • Construction Clean up
  • Trauma Scene Clean up
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Trash Out Services

You can call our direct line at 219-465-6904

You can also ask for a quote at our website: Tudorservices.com

It has been great talking to you about quality service. I am including a picture of Dr. Moon from Community Healthcare System. My referral to you is if you need medical assistance, go to Community Healthcare System, especially Saint Mary Medical Center in Hobart or the Valparaiso Health Center.

If you need assistance in cleaning and restoration, call Tudor Services.

I am including a picture of Dr. Moon-Podiatrist for Community Healthcare Systems taking care of his patient.

Fun Fact: When given the choice of the color for the cast, Dr. Moon chose Cubby Blue! You had me at Hello!


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