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How Joe Maddon Changed My Life!

In the not too far past, we called Cubs Lovable Losers. Well that is not the case any longer! I attended an event last year with The Porter County Community Foundation. We were at the Sand Creek Country Club and the guest speaker was Tom Ricketts. Tom Ricketts spoke of how they acquired different players. The Cubs hired Theo Epstein. They also hired Jo Maddon as the coach. Did you know the Cubs have over 300 scouts that are on their payroll. I know this because in game 5 of the world series, it was noted that Theo Epstein bought them all tickets. So, if you note all of this, the Cubs have a great system. I want to focus on Joe Maddon now. He is a spectacular individual. The planning happens. The training happens. Then the players do what they were trained to do. Joe then sets up the plan and implements it. When people second guess what is going on, he counts on the system to handle the matter. It seems to work because the cubs are going into game 6 of the world series and I expect them to get to game 7! Joe seems to keep a cool demeaner. He speaks honestly! He also uses his sense of humor to keep life simple. Isn’t that the truth! When I get calls from people that are challenged with their lives, I need to be more relaxed when trying to help them. Sure, they are in a bad place, but on the other hand I can help them. My company is able to be of service. I had an example of that today (Tuesday). A customer called and said they just bought a new home and they wanted the carpets cleaned, the air ducts cleaned and the carpet restretched. They also said if we could have this all done by Friday because their furniture is coming in from out of state. I swallowed hard because we have a decent schedule of jobs going right now. I told the woman that I would stop out today. I finally got there about 5 pm. I told her the sad news that this week is not going to happen.

Then the Stanley threat came to play. (Stanley Steemer has such a great marketing strategy that people do not realize that the average price people pay them is the same that they pay us – Approximately $.30 per SF for carpet cleaning). They use couponing and use the per room variable, but they fail to tell the customer that if the room is say bigger than 150 SF then they have to charge for 2 rooms. Though, when the customer has Stanley in their house, at that point they don’t want to mess with rescheduling or connecting with another cleaner. It is just too time consuming and a lot of re-moving furniture, etc. Not to mention that I met a Stanley owner who has 15 trucks driving through Valparaiso who happened to be refueling by my office. He said it is all production based. This is the challenge—I am quality based with a fair price.

As Joe would do, I kept my cool and told them we will do all we can to help. My customer’s daughter came up with the idea that maybe we could clean one room to allow them to bring the contents from out of state and that room would be cleaned, then we could clean the other areas at a later date. I thought that sounded good, so I scheduled the cleaning to happen the next day. I charged them $125.00 for a soiled 14 x 22 area. I thought this was fair.

Now, let’s talk about all of the things I ask of my employees. With the Joe Maddon style of thinking I know they have a grip on what work is at hand. So, let it ride a bit. I am letting my manager, Steve, Manage. I want to give them a little latitude on making decisions. I trust they want to work. The young ones, I will have to show them the way some of the time. For the most part at Tudor, we have a good system. Just like professional baseball, in regards to our employee, we still need to be attentive to our WAR Numbers. You might ask what is that! “Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is an attempt by the sabermetric baseball community to summarize a player’s total contributions to their team in one statistic. You should always use more than one metric at a time when evaluating players, but WAR is all-inclusive and provides a useful reference point for comparing players.”

In baseball, we want our team players to contribute to our wins. To Tudor, a win is a good job! The customer paying the bill. The customer being happy with the work Tudor did for them. Tudor being able to continue to provide good services as we have for the last 28 years. Employees being paid in order that they may keep coming back to Tudor for employment. Most of all, the customer using Tudor again as well as referring Tudor to their friends.

In numbers, we are smaller than some of the larger franchises, but in quality and caring I think we make up for that. If I would ask Joe Maddon what makes you different from other baseball teams. You use the same gloves. You use the same bats. You run around the same bases. I think Joe would say that his team has heart and training. In our company, we can outsource enough equipment to do any job any larger franchises can do. We do not necessarily have the national insurance referral power on water damages. On the other hand we do well within our own. We get these referrals just like the Cubs get their referrals. Our referrals come from our fans. Given certain challenges, we have to perform for our fans. Sometimes, our fans don’t like the play we made, but given other options, it may have been the best choice for the circumstance.

Lastly, we must all take a page out of Joe’s book. “Don’t ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure.” And “I have a life outside of baseball.”

I am saying, we as a people must remember to lighten up! We all work, but how are we contributing back to our families and our community. You can give a flower a lot of dirt, but without any sun or nutrients or water that flower may not thrive in the fruits of life.

I would be remiss if I didn’t try to compliment my community at this point—If anyone wants to be my guest at Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis, I would gladly take you as my guest. This is a way you can take in the fruits of life with our community. We meet Wednesdays at noon at Casa Del Roma.

Whoever you are and wherever you may be I wish that you may look at the sunny side of life. The dark side will come back around, but look forward to the light! We are here too short of a time to get stuck in the minutia.

I also want to thank Joe Maddon. He has never heard of me and I expect he will never meet me. I truly think this guy has changed my life. If anyone knows him, I wouldn’t mind cleaning his carpet. (and please do not mis-read that!)

The Cubs have done it! Now let’s finish it off and win the World Series!


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